Country Watch

Country Watch
CountryWatch Culture Watch (formerly Youth Edition)
The CountryWatch CultureWatch is a combination of background information on world's 195 countries providing current events coverage, a guide to the formation of countries within global context, curriculum-based resources, and colorful international images.
CountryWatch Premium Subscription Premium Subscription provides political, economic, cultural, historical, and demographic information, data and news on the world's 195 countries via the Country Reviews, Country Wire, CountryWatch Data, Maps, Political Intelligence Wire, and the Global Guide.
CountryWatch Forecasts CountryWatch Forecasts provides a 20-year projection for key variables in the areas of Macroeconomics,Energy, Metals and Agriculture for each of the 197 countries of the world. The Forecast also provides 5 years of historical data.
CountryWatch Video Profile Series A collection of short video documentaries using the information developed by CountryWatch for 24 of the highest profile countries from around the world. The Country Profile Videos review the geography, history, politics and economics of the country.
CountryWatch Elections Central comprehensive list of past and upcoming international Presidential and parliamentary elections around the world; Election Profiles which cover dates 2009 to 2014 and Country Profiles which overview of the countries in which elections are held.