30-Hour School Bus Driver Course


 A basic 30-hour course consisting of fifteen units is conducted once annually by a state-certified instructor. This course meets the regulations of the New York State Education Department which requires that each school bus driver completes a course of instruction in school bus safety practice within the first year of employment. The New York State Education Department curriculum is followed and meets section 156.3 regulations. Participants are eligible for point and insurance reduction. Enrollees are awarded a Certificate of Completion by the State Education Department upon successful completion of all requirements. 

The dates are as follows at OAOC;
  • Friday, March 22
  • Saturday, March 23
  • Friday, March 29
  • Saturday, March 30
  • Friday, April 5
  • Saturday, April 6

Hard copies of the registration materials will be mailed to districts and posted below.

If you have questions regarding program, or if you are not sure if your district is currently a member of this co-ser, please contact Jarrin Hayen at 607-436-2533,
jarrin.hayen@oneonta.edu or Suzanne Swantak-Furman at suzanne.swantak-furman@oneonta.edu.