Federal Direct Loan Exit Counseling

Federal Direct Loan Exit Counseling

The Federal government requires that you complete a student loan exit counseling interview upon completion or withdrawal from our program.

Before you begin, you should have the following information available for each of your school loans.  You will need to fill out your "proof of completion" certificate.

  • The name of the school you attended.--Otsego, Delaware, Schoharie and Greene BOCES
  • School Code: 02104300
  • Social Security #, First 2 letters of your last name, date of birth and your pin # (received from the Department of Education).
  • Driver's license with issuing state
  • Name and address of your employer (if applicable)
  • Next of kin with address
  • Two references with different addresses within the U.S.

You may complete the exit counseling by going to http://www.studentloans.gov/ and follow these instructions:

  • On the opening page go to Tools & Resources.
  • Go to Exit Counseling and hit enter.  This will bring you to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) -- Student Access
  • Go to Exit Counseling and hit enter.
  • Got to START and hit enter.

The exit counseling interview will provide you with:

  • Information on how to manage your student loan repayment.
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a borrower in the federal student loan program.
  • Forbearance, deferment, hardship disability, discharge and forgivness information.
  • Other important loan servicing and default consequence information.