SAP Title IV Funding Policy


Students who are eligible to receive Title IV funding must adhere to the program’s academic and attendance policies to receive this funding. Title IV funding is released to students once each semester when the student meets the following criteria:

1. The student must have an academic average in each course of at least a 77%.

2. The student must complete a total of 327 program hours (60%) first semester and a total of 722 program hours (60%) program hours in the second semester.

    a. If the student entered the program in the second semester then a total of 395 (60%) second semester  hours must be completed.

If a student does not meet SAP standards and loses eligibility due to the above criteria they will regain eligibility when their academic and attendance meet the program standards. The student can appeal an unsatisfactory determination with the Adult Education Coordinator.

The student may be paid Pell and Campus-based funds for the period in which they resume satisfactory progress. For Stafford and PLUS loans, they will regain eligibility for the entire period of enrollment in which they again meet SAP standards.


State Board Exams (NCLEX) requires an application fee (which includes the cost of your first license). An examination fee is also required payable to the testing center that administers the exam. These fees totaled $343.00 in 2012. A limited permit is required to work as a graduate practical nurse before exam results are known. When you have definite employment, your employing RN signs the permit which you must submit to the Education Department with a $35 fee. You must submit the Application for Licensure and fee to apply for a limited permit. You may not work on a limited permit if you have not completed program requirements (including financial obligations) OR if you have convictions for misdemeanors or felonies in your past (refer to General Information "Record of Conviction".)