Tuition Payments


Tuition payments are due on a semester basis.  All students are billed at the beginning of each semester.  Accounts not paid in full before completion of the first semester will not be able to attend second semester and accounts not paid in full prior to the completion of second semester will not receive a diploma and will result in a hold being placed on the student’s records/transcripts.  No students will be certified eligible for state boards exams if there are delinquent accounts. 

Privately funded students will be required to sign an Installment Promissory Note and a Tuition Payment Credit Agreement  upon receipt of the first semester invoice.  Unpaid privately funded accounts are assessed a 2% per month service charge starting on the 16th day of the month payment is due and each 30 days or portion thereof that such payment and late fee are not paid.


Each student will receive a “Financial Award Statement” within the program’s first week of attendance.  This statement will outline the total projected grant funding to be received, the cost of attendance and the eligible amount of Stafford Student Loans that he/she may apply for.

Credits to the student’s account for Pell Grants, Federal Education Opportunity Grant,  Stafford Direct Loans, CDO Workforce Assistance, VESID, private or other public agencies will be calculated when official notice is received, and only after the student has been in the program for a minimum of 30 days.  Refunds for overpayment are made only when money is received by the Grand Gorge Office and request for refund is made.  Refunds are mailed to the student or sent to the school for distribution to students.  No refunds can be issued to students at the Grand Gorge office.