Tuition Refund Policy



Students who withdraw or are terminated prior to the end of the term (fall or spring) may be eligible for a tuition refund on a pro-rated basis according to the number of clock hours the student completed that term. Students should notify the coordinator in writing if they withdraw, if not the last day of attendance will be used as the withdrawal date. Fees are non-refundable.

Refunds are calculated based on the number of clock hours of attendance. If the student has completed over 60% of their program, he or she has earned 100% of eligibility. However, the school will send back any unused funds.

If the student leaves before 60% of the clock hours are completed, the school will calculate the % of the disbursement earned with the following calculation and will submit any return funds within 45 days of withdrawal date.

Start date: ___/___/______End Date: ___/___/______

Date of Withdrawal: ___/___/______

Completed clock hours: (a) ____________# of completed clock hours between start date and withdrawal date

Total Clock Hours: (b) ____________# of clock hours between start date and end date

Completed Clock hours (a) ________ / Total Clock Hours (b)__________ = (c)_____________% of funds earned by student

If this percentage is equal to or greater than 60%, no further action is necessary. If this percentage is less that 60%, please continue.

Amount of funds disbursed for term (d) ___________ x % of funds earned © ________% = Amount of Title

IV funds earned by student (e)___________.

Total Funds disbursed (d)___________ - total funds earned (e) __________ = amount of unearned funds to be returned (f)_________________