Health Requirements

Health Requirements

To participate in clinical, ALL students (and faculty) must complete necessary health documentation. A physical exam including immunization records MUST be on file in the school office. A signed release to share this medical information with clinical agencies is also required.

Please review the following schedule to be sure your health record and immunizations meet the requirements for clinical participation. (Clinical participation is dependent on proof of the following):

1)      Physical exam by MD, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant indicating any:

a)      Physical limitations

i)      Any weight lifting restrictions will not be allowed in the clinical setting.

b)      Emotional disorders that are incompatible with clinical nursing practice.

c)      Students who take any medications that have the potential to alter or effect the central nervous system such as pain relievers, antidepressants, mood elevators, tranquilizers, or sedatives must have a current MD written approval to participate in the program.

d)      All Physical Exams must be current for the entire school year.

2)      Skin test for tuberculosis within last six months of program start date. (e.g. PPD, Mantoux). A tine test is not acceptable. If a positive result is obtained then a chest x-ray is needed within one year to be eligible.

3)      Rubella immunity proof of start date (German measles).

a)      Proof of ONE MMR or one Rubella vaccine


b)      Positive titer for Rubella (Blood test)

We MUST have a copy of the lab report showing immunity.

4)      Mumps immunity proof:

a)      Proof of ONE MMR or one Mumps vaccine


b)     Positive titer for Mumps (Blood test)

We MUST have a copy of the lab report showing immunity.

5)      Rubeola immunity proof (Measles). If you were born after 1957 you must have one of the following:

a)     Proof of TWO MMR or two Measles vaccines


b)     Positive titer for Rubeola (Blood test)

We MUST have a copy of the lab report showing immunity

6)      Hepatitis B Immunization - series of 3 over six months and blood test (titer) to document immunity. You may be "in process," but must have at least one vaccine administration before beginning clinical.


Sign a Waiver stating that you have been informed of the benefits of the Hepatitis B Series and the risks associated with the clinical aspect of the program and you waive the right of getting this vaccine.

7)     Tetanus/Diphtheria - documentation of initial series: 3 injections one month apart, with boosters at 18 month and between 4-6 years of age and a tetanus booster within the last 10 years from program start date. (DPT is usually given to children, Td given to teens and adults as boosters every 10 years).

8)     Varicella immunization or documented outbreak, or immunity proof (blood test, titer). If you do not have documented immunity you must receive the immunization.

Information regarding immunization status may be obtained from your high school or college health offices, your family physician, pediatrician, obstetrician, or hospital records. Employers may also have records, particularly if you have been working in a health care setting.