Science Laboratory Safety

Science Laboratory Safety


Legislation and/or Regulation:

  • 29 CFR Part 1904
  • 6 NYCRR Part 595, 596, 597, 598, 599 -Chemical Bulk Storage Regulations and Rules
  • NYS Labor Law §27-a, Part 801 - Recording and Reporting Public Employees' Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

OSHA requires statistics to be collected on workplace injuries and illnesses. The NYS DOL has adopted OSHA's recordkeeping requirements as of 2002.

What the SRM Service can do to help:

Training and Workshops:

  • OSHA Science Laboratory/Chemical Hygiene Training
    • In addition to Right-to-Know and Hazard Communication, staff working in school science laboratories must have more in-depth Chemical Hygiene training. Risk management can provide this training. Science laboratories also have guidelines for chemical storage, inventory, ventilation and other safety related areas.


  • Perform science laboratory inspections.
  • Assist with science chemical inventory and storage requirements.
  • Testing laboratory ventilation.