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A partnership between the State University College at Oneonta and

area school districts since 1951.
Serving schools in the Otsego Northern Catskills BOCES and

the Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Otsego BOCES


  • Student Enrichment Seminars

    Students in grades 3-12 are provided the opportunity to participate in challenging and enriching seminars pursuing a wide variety of interests over the course of four to six Saturday mornings. Seminars are offered in the fall of each year and are held on the SUNY Oneonta campus. The program was first established in 1958, and has been continuously running since. The Science Seminars are a recent addition to the Enrichment Seminar Program.  These hands-on advanced workshops for middle and high school students focus on STEM topics.  The classes are taught by SUNY Oneonta's Noyce Scholars and are limited to fewer than sixteen students per class.  (The S.A.T preparation course is also offered in the spring, as well as a second Science Seminar topic.)
  •  Student Leadership Workshops

    Since 1975, the Student Leadership series has offered four workshops each year. The first workshop of the year is offered to eighth graders, and the remaining three are designed for high school students. Each program is arranged with assistance and input from the current year's student directors (who are elected from the previous year's participants) as well as the faculty advisors planning committee. This program is held at the Hunt Student Union on the SUNY campus.

  • Forensics Program

    This program offers students and advisors training in the art of Forensics, and the opportunity to experience public speaking and debate. Two to three competitions are held each year on the SUNY Oneonta campus. Students compete in a variety of events including reading of prose, reading of poetry, memorized drama scenes, Lincoln-Douglas debate, Public Forum, and extemporaneous speech. Trophies are awarded to the winners in each category at the varsity level, and medals to the winners at the junior varsity level, at each tournament. The top two placing teams at the end of the competition also receive a "sweepstakes" trophy for their school.

  • Upstate Academic Competition

    This new program offers area high school academic "stars" the opportunity to shine. They compete in a day-long event on the SUNY Oneonta campus using a quiz-show format, complete with sets and buzzers.  The winning team takes home the trophy, and each member of the top two finalist teams receives a medal.   Two competitions have been scheduled for the program this year.  One is designated for "small schools" with high school populations of 300 or fewer students, while the other is open to any district that is a member of the Catskill Area School Study Council.

  • Youth Concert

    This annual concert features the Catskill Symphony Orchestra and is targeted for students in grades 4-5. Offered during the fall semester, the concert is held at the Alumni Fieldhouse on the SUNY Oneonta campus. This program is made possible in part with support from the Lawrence J. Heldman Arts Endowment Fund.

  • Catskill Review and Kites & Kings

    The Catskill Review is an annual publication of area high school students' creative writing and art work; it was initiated in 1970. A similar publication of elementary students' work, entitled Kites & Kings, was begun in 1975.

  • School Bus Driver Safety Refresher Program

    Since 1978, a mandated safety course for school bus drivers has been offered on one evening during the month of August at the SUNY campus. A mid-winter refresher program was added in 2003-2004. Both sessions now include training for attendants, aides and monitors as well.

    School Bus Driver 30-Hour Course and School Bus Monitor 10-Hour Course  -  These   CoSers are offered once a year in the spring on the OAOC BOCES campus in Milford.  

  • School Board Institute

    A summer workshop is offered annually to school board members and administrators, involving a separate focus topic at each workshop. The program takes place on the SUNY Oneonta campus in July.  Other workshops are scheduled as the need arises, and the program has expanded to offer two to three workshops per year. 

  • Administrative Staff Training

    The Administrative Staff Training Program began in 2005. It was developed to provide training to office and administrative staff employed by local school districts, on a wide variety of topics pertinent to their unique position of responsibility within the school system. Examples of topics to be offered include confidentiality, safety, legal issues, public relations, and professionalism. The program takes place at SUNY Oneonta, either on the campus or at the nearby College Camp.


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