Kites & Kings and Catskill Review

Submission Information and Registration Forms


Submissions for the 2018-2019 editions of Kites & Kings and Catskill Review publications are due no later than January 23, 2019.  Submission instructions and registration forms will be sent to member school districts early in November, and printable copies will be posted to this website. 


General rules for submission:

Materials may not be submitted directly to the Study Council by parents or students, but must rather be submitted by teachers.  The mailing address to be used appears on the submission forms, and no works may be submitted without the accompanying forms. 

Please note that written pieces are to be emailed as Word files, not pdf's, to CASSC at  A "hard copy"  (printout) of the written piece must be included in the submission packet and sent by van mail or U.S. mail as well, along with the registration form.  Art pieces may be sent as.jpg files via email to ensure a high quality reproduction, with the same proviso: a "hard copy" (printout) of the emailed file is to be sent with the registration form. 

Original artwork should be properly packaged to ensure it is not damaged in transit.  Cardboard mailing tubes are not to be used, however, as the artwork becomes curled, and may also be damaged in our attempts to open the tubes.