Art - Itinerant Services

Jill Accordino
Gere Link
Joni Stephens

ONC BOCES provides Art Educators to both the Northern Catskills Occupational Center (NCOC) and the Otsego Area Occupational Center (OAOC), in addition to component school districts as dictated by student enrollment at each site. Art Educators provide art courses to regular education, special education, and alternative education students in the Pre-K through Grade 12 populations.

ONC BOCES Art Educators strive to encompass both the National Standards for the Arts and the New York State Standards for the Visual Arts. Our Art Educators incorporate the Elements and Principles of Design in the creation and production of student work. By using the elements and principles of art, students will gain knowledge within the four New York State Learning Standards for the Visual Arts. These are:

  1. Creating, performing, and participating in the arts.
  2. Knowing and using art materials and resources.
  3. Responding to and analyzing works of art.
  4. Understanding cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts.

We develop an appreciation of art by using multicultural art projects and lessons. Art Educators link art projects with other core curriculum to create interdisciplinary lessons showing students the value of art and the role it plays in other areas of study and our daily lives. Using technology, we are able to bring the art world to our students by taking virtual tours of museums, and visiting current exhibits via computers. Our students exhibit their works within the districts and at local, county, regional, state, and national levels. They learn production, preparation, and installation of artwork. Using the Learning Standards in the Arts, we provide our students with the knowledge to explore their creativity beyond the classroom.