Hearing Impaired

Deaf & Hearing Impaired Services offered through Itinerant Services:

  • Orientation and information on deafness and hearing loss; impact of hearing loss onasdacademic instruction and progress.
  • Academic teaching and pre-teaching to hearing impaired or deaf students.
  • Adovcate for the hearing impaired student.
  • Assistance with FM systems for classrooms: research, consult, assemble for use (not wired-in systems), assist teachers with use of FM systems.
  • Self-advocacy training for the hearing impaired student. Hearing aid and FM system orientation for students.
  • Consultation with teachers for best learning strategies for hearing impaired students. Collaboration with teachers who have hearing impaired students in their classrooms.
  • Consultation on accommodations and classroom modifications for students.
  • Resources in sign language, including teaching.
  • Print materials on deafness and hearing impairment.
  • Strategies for assisting students with Central Auditory Processing disabilities in the classroom.