Animation and Video Production

Animation and Video Production

In the area of Video Production, students will explore various areas of video production:

• Making a Documentary
• Creating a Promotional Video
• Creating a Commercial

They will explore the technical aspects:

• Lighting
• Movement
• Shadows
• Sound
• Editing

Using lighting, character development, motion, sound, design, editing, background, story progression and final output, students will create and edit films.

In the area of animation, students will experiment with several animation styles including:

• Computer Animation
• Cartooning
• Clay Animation
• 2-d Animation

Students will get a real sense of the various types of animation styles and work primarily in their preferred style. This might be traditional hand-drawn animations or frame-by-frame claymation. Students will be responsible for their story board, set design, filming, editing, credits, sound and output of their animation.
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