Career Pathways

Career Pathways

This is a custom designed, multi-year, vocational program for special needs students between the ages of 14 and 21 who are either at risk of dropping out or have been unsuccessful in traditional academic or vocational classes. First and second year students will be actively involved in a variety of career modules that will provide pre-vocational training, critical thinking skills, job training, and other fundamental life skills. 

Third year students have three career strands to choose from:

Career Pathways III

A Career Tech program

The YES Program (Young Employable Students)

Students who are recommended for CP III, when ready, will enroll in a half-day job training placement in the community. A job coach will provide support and/or supervision as needed.
Features of the program include:

Job Coaches who provide job and task analysis prior to student placement in the community.
A Vocational Assessment Specialist who provides Level II Assessments for a students in the program. The specialist furnishes valuable information regarding students’ strengths and weaknesses in vocational areas and is helpful in developing students’ transition plans.

Note: This is a half-day program which can be combined with another Innovative Program or with home-school district programs.

TLC: Therapeutic Learning Center

The Therapeutic Learning Center is a comprehensive, transitional program linking the family, school district, local mental health providers, related services, and other outside agencies.

The TLC helps special needs children who are experiencing severe emotional crises by identifying and addressing related problems at home, at school, and in the community. It also assists students to make a stable transition from hospitalization or other placement to the community and home school district.

TLC is an appropriate program for special needs children and adolescents with long-term functional problems who are in crisis and can be stabilized to pre-crisis levels.

TRUST: Special Class Placement 8:1:2

This program is a service-intensive model for students with severe behavioral and/or social/emotional difficulties. Additional features include:

• On-site counseling
• Highly structured learning environment
• Intensive behavior management
• Inclusion in regular education classes per each student’s IEP
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