Course Description



                                                                                              Total           Class         Clinical           Lab 

NURSING I - (Fundamentals of Nursing)               320             185             90               45

(9 clock hours)

Basic nursing skills combined with information necessary to understand the history of nursing, the role of the PN, and an understanding of health concepts.  Critical thinking skills are introduced and the nursing process is used to apply learned information and provide a framework for practice. Concepts of basic nutrition and its application to health and nursing care are integrated into this course.  Clinical experience at selected area agencies provides practical application of those skills learned and practiced in the clinical laboratory.

HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY               100             100

(5 clock hours)

The study of the human body and how it works, with references to concepts and principles of health and nursing care.

HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT               60             60

(3 clock hours)

The study of the life cycle from conception through death.  General concepts of growth and development are discussed, along with nursing implications for health teaching, counseling and care for each stage of life.

PHARMACOLOGY I                                                65             45                                          20

(3 clock hours)

Review and drill in basic math necessary for safe drug administration.  Introduction to the branches of pharmacology, legal, ethical and developmental aspects of drug administration, medication and intravenous rate calculations and administration principles and techniques.

TOTAL FIRST SEMESTER                                        545             390                 90                 65    


                                                                               Total            Class          Clinical           Lab 

NURSING II (MEDICAL-SURGICAL)                430            165              230              20

(9 clock hours)

The study of physical, psychological and socio-cultural aspects of illness on the adult.  Pathophysiology of common diseases / disorders are discussed along with common nursing interventions and treatments. Advanced nursing skills (critical thinking) and concepts are taught to care for hospitalized adults with common illnesses, including therapeutic nutrition applications and medication administration.  Clinical experience is done in a variety of healthcare settings allowing the students to apply what they have learned with supervision.     

PHARMACOLOGY II                                             85               60                  15*            10

(3 clock hours)

Provides a foundation to understand drug actions, side effects, interactions, nursing implications and patient education based on drug classifications.   

* The 15 hours of clinical application (supervised medication administration) is into the medical-surgical and maternity clinical hours.

MATERNAL-CHILD NURSING                               84                 60                 24

(3 clock hours)

Nursing concepts and skills to care for families during pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum.  Common complications and their implications are also discussed along with woman’s health issues and family planning. Clinical experiences allow the students to apply this knowledge.

PEDIATRICS                                                           60                  60                  16*

(3 clock hours)

The focus is on the common pathophysiologic conditions and the nursing care of the pediatric patient from infancy through adolescence and their families.

*During the student’s rotation into Family Practice Clinics the students are able to work with pediatric patients, they also rotate to in hospital pediatric units when the facility census allows.  

TOTAL SECOND SEMESTER                                    659                 345                  285               30  

PROGRAM TOTALS                                                1204                 735                  375               95            

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