Extended school closure lessons/activities

Itinerant Services Extended School Closure Lessons/Activities for Students


This page has been created to provide easy access to websites, apps, and lessons/activities for students who receive instruction or related services from BOCES Itinerants.  We will continually update this page as new resources and information become available.  If you have any questions about what your child should be doing, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher or service provider using the emails listed below.  If you  are unable to print at home, please reach out to our department using the contact information on the previous page and we will print and mail you copies of what you need.  Thank you!  


  • Links:

    • Let's Draw Baby Yoda

    • Davis Digital Link & log on info for students

      • Grade Level                          Usernames:

      •        Grades K-6 Elementary:            ELA or ELB

      •        Grades 7/8 MS:                           MSA or MSB

      •        Grades 9-12 HS:                          HSA  or HSB

      •        Student Password: newyork2020

      •   We are only allowed so many students on at 1 time per grade level per teacher so if the “A” does not work use the use the “B” (ie: ELA- can’t log in use ELB)

English as a New Language (ENL):






Science Enrichment



Adaptive PE (APE):

Hearing Impaired:


Occupational Therapy (OT):


Physical Therapy (PT):



Visually impaired:

School Psychologists

  • Links:  We would like to make families aware of the following supports and programs. Children and teens will take their lead from you on how worried they should be. Modeling calm and good practices can go a long way in ensuring children feel safe. For younger children who may not be able to critically analyze the information presented, it is important to monitor how much they are overhearing (including news reports). Maintaining an open dialogue on things going on in the world and in their life is a good practice for all ages. Periodic “check-ins” with your children on how they are feeling and coping is important-don't assume they will always know how to come to you to discuss concerns or fears.

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