Please take notice that special meetings of the Board of Education of the BOARD OF COOPERATIVE EDUCATIONAL SERVICES OF THE SOLE SUPERVISORY DISTRICT OF OTSEGO, DELAWARE, SCHOHARIE, AND GREENE COUNTIES, will be held on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 and Wednesday, August 12, 2020.  The meetings will be held at the Otsego Area Occupational Center, 1914 County Route 35, Milford, NY 13807. The meetings will convene at 5:30 p.m.


Hearing Impaired

Hearing Impaired

Teacher for the hearing impaired
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services offered through Itinerant Services:
  • Orientation and information about deafness and hearing loss; impact of hearing loss on academic instruction and progress.
  • Academic teaching and pre-teaching for students with hearing loss.
  • Advocate for students with hearing loss.
  • Assistance with FM systems for classrooms: research, consult, assemble for use (not wired-in systems), assist teachers to optimize use of FM systems.
  • Self-advocacy training for students with hearing loss. Hearing aid and FM system orientation for students.
  • Consultation with teachers for best learning strategies for students with hearing loss. Collaboration with teachers who have these students in their classrooms.
  • Consultation about accommodations and classroom modifications for students with hearing loss.
  • Resources about sign language, including teaching.
  • Print materials on deafness and hearing loss.

For more information on Itinerant Services contact:

Kimberlea Curran
Supervisor of Itinerant Services
607-286-7715 ext. 2608

[email protected] 


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