Please take notice that special meetings of the Board of Education of the BOARD OF COOPERATIVE EDUCATIONAL SERVICES OF THE SOLE SUPERVISORY DISTRICT OF OTSEGO, DELAWARE, SCHOHARIE, AND GREENE COUNTIES, will be held on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 and Wednesday, August 12, 2020.  The meetings will be held at the Otsego Area Occupational Center, 1914 County Route 35, Milford, NY 13807. The meetings will convene at 5:30 p.m.


Helpful Hints for CASEBP

  • Claims forms for any medical and dental expenses can be found on the ONC BOCES web site. The address is: Medical claims can be submitted to Excellus BCBS, PO Box 21146, Eagan, MN 55121 . Dental claims can be submitted to LBS, PO Box 21951, Eagan, MN 55121 .
  • For any dependent in college older than age 19 on the dental plan, student verification forms must still be completed for each semester. This information must be submitted to CASEBP in order to continue your dependent's coverage. The medical plan covers your dependents up to age 26.
  • When given a new prescription from your medical doctor, ask them to try a generic. This will save you on your out of pocket costs.
  • If there is any change in your eligibility, status of any eligible dependent(s), or you need to add a dependent, please complete a group enrollment form with your district Benefit Clerk and submit all proper documentation to make sure that your coverage continues accurately. CASEBP cannot make changes to your coverage without the proper forms being submitted.
  • If you are not receiving Explanation of Benefits on any claims, please contact our office. You should receive one for any claim processed. You can also access to review and print off any of the Explanation of Benefits and review claims status.
  • To determine how much should be paid to a provider, please review the Total Claim Summary box on your Explanation of Benefits. The amount on the top line is what can be due by you to your provider.
  • You are not required to see a participating provider, but if you do, it will reduce your out of pocket costs and costs to the Plan. To find a participating provider you can access the Excellus web site at: Services rendered by Bassett or AO Fox employed physicians or at the facilities owned and operated by Bassett or AO Fox will have not deductible or coinsurance charged to a member.
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