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Otsego Northern Catskills



New Employee Orientation



Welcome to ONC BOCES! 
Once you are board appointed, the Human Resources Office will schedule your New Employee Benefits Review Session with you.  

Please complete all the documents that were assigned to you in TalentEd.   You must upload the required back-up in TalentEd.  If you fail to complete these items in TalentEd, it may delay your first paycheck.

  • Withholding Federal Form (W-4) 
  • IT-2104 Employee's Withholding Allowance Form (NYS)
  • Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) & copies of required documentation 
                An explanation of acceptable copies of required docomentation can be found on page 3 of the I-9 (typically a passport OR
                driver's license AND social security card).
  • Direct Deposit Form 
                Please attach a voided check. 
  • Direct Deposit Memo
  • Payroll Option Form
                Only required for 10-month staff.  Must be provided before the first date worked per IRS regulation.
  • Payroll Calendar
  • Holiday Schedule 
  • School Calendar
  • 403(b) and 457 Information 
                What is a 403(b)? 
                403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement 
                457 Salary Reduction Agreement 
                403(b) Universal Availability Notice 
  • Omni Updates 
  • NYSUT Union-Teachers Union and Support Union Members
  • SAANYS-Administrator Union Members 
  • Health Insurance Forms & copies of required documentation 
                 If enrolling dependents on a family policy, you will need to provide the following documentation:
                       -Most recent tax return showing all dependents (black-out financial data)
                       -Marriage certificate if enrolling a spouse
                       -Birth certificates AND social security cards for all enrolled (individual and dependents)
  • Health Insurance (CASEBP) Plan Document 
                Basic Benefits Outline 
                Summary of Benefits and Coverage 
  •  Dental Insurance Forms and Information
                If enrolling dependents on a family policy, you will need to provide the following documentation:
                       -Most recent tax return showing all dependents (black-out financial data)
                       -Marriage certificate if enrolling a spouse
                       -Birth certificates AND social security cards for all enrolled (individual and dependents)
                       -If dependent is between the ages of 19 and 25, to be eligible for dental coverage they must be enrolled in college full-time.
                       Proof of full-time college enrollment , registration or schedule is required.  
  • High Level Dental Plan Documents 
  • Vision Plan Enrollment Form (Non-Unit Staff only)
  • Vision Plan Document 
  • Premium Conversion
                Required for employees receiving any health or dental coverage
  • CASEBP Required Notices 
  • Marketplace Coverage Options 
  • ONC BOCES Health Buy-Out Option
                 Please see individual contract or benefit summary in regards to Health Buy-Out paid in June of each year.  A copy of a current
                 health insurance card is required.
  • Flexible Spending Benefits Options 
  • Notice to Provisional Appointee (Civil Service) 
                 Only required for non-certified support staff (does not include Teachers, Licensed Teaching Assistants or certified 
  • New York State Retirement System
                If your employment is part-time, temporary or less than 12 months per year, membership is optional.  For Non-Instructional
                Support Staff, non-certified Administrators, OTs, PTs and COTAs.
                NYS Employees' Retirement System 
                Beneficiary Information 
                Publications: Tiers 3 & 4, Tier 5, and Tier 6 (all new enrollment)
                New York State Teachers' Retirement System 
                Active Members Handbook 
                NYS Voluntary Defined Contribution Program 
  • Acceptable BOCES Computer & Equipment Policy
  • Oath of Allegiance
  • Employee Handbook
  • ONC BOCES Board Policies 
                Please visit the online manual for the following important policies: Sexual Harrassment Prohibition Policy (#7020), Gun Free
                School Policy (#5020), Purchasing Policy (#5070), Professional Code of Ethics, Operation Procedures and Expense
                Reimbursement Policy (#5110) and Code of Conduct, Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). . 
  • Sick Bank Form and Information
                 Please see contract or benefit summary for additional information about Sick Bank membership
                 Teachers-Please review Union contract for details 
                 Unit Support-Please review Union contract for details
                 Non-Unit Support, Administrators, Adult Education
  • AESOP Information
                Login information will be emailed to you
  •  Public School Works
                Accident Reporting
                Required Training
  • My WinCap Information-Setting up your account
                Employee Self-Service
  • AFLAC NY Benefits-Unit Support Only
                For more information, contact Jim Farnham at (845) 255-2508
  • Study Grants or Salary Adjustments
                Please see individual contract or benefit summary to review Study Grants and application deadlines.
  • Employee Assistance Program
                Create an account for full access
                What is EAP?
                What can EAP help you with?
  • Observation/Evaluation Procedures
                Non-Instructional Staff Evaluation Form
                Licensed Teaching Assistants
                Program Leaders
                Principal Rubric
                APPR Plan for Pupil Personnel Providers
  • LTA Certification Requirements and Certification Status
  • Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Registration
  • Benefits Summary/Contract will be provided at the Benefits Orientation session
  • Signed Application of Employment will be provided at the Benefits Orientation session
  • Contact Gen Ballard to schedule an appointment to get access to technology information including software access, key fob & IDs

    Otsego Northern Catskills BOCES
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