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New Visions Health Care Professions

Program Highlights

             Students in the New Visions Health Care Program spend their senior year at Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown and Fox Hospital in Oneonta.  This full-day program immerses students in the medical environment through a rotation schedule that places them in 25 hospital departments.  They work side by side with doctors, therapists, technicians and nurses as they explore career options.   They receive evaluations and references from the professionals who are their mentors.  They also accrue clinical hours required by some professional programs.  In addition, students study English 12, Economics, Participation in Government, Physics and Human Anatomy and Physiology.  They learn professional behavior, organization and independence while working to a high academic standard.
New Visions Health Care Professions appplication for the 2019-20 school year

Credits Earned

= Human Anatomy & Physiology—3 credits SUNY Oneonta

= Physics—4 credits SUNY Oneonta

= English 12—1 credit

= Economics—1/2 credit

= Participation in Government—1/2 credit

= Heath Career Exploration—1 credit

Clinical Rotation Sites Include...

= Anesthesiology

= Cardiology

= Central Service

= Clinical Laboratories

= Digestive Diseases

= Ear, Nose and Throat

= Emergency Room

= Imaging

= Infection Control

= Information Technology

= Nursing

= Nutrition Service

= Obstetrics

= Occupational Therapy

= Oncology

= Ophthalmology

= Orthopedics

= Pediatrics

= Peri-Operative Service

= Pharmacy

= Physical Therapy

= Primary Care

= Research

= Respiratory Therapy

= Surgery

= Volunteers

Student Career Goals Include...

= Biomedical Engineer

= Dietician

= Medical researcher

= Nurse practitioner

= Occupational therapist

= Pharmacist

= Physical therapist

= Physician

= Physician’s assistant

= Radiation therapist

= Radiographer

= Registered nurse

= Respiratory therapist
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