Parent Bill of Rights



The District, in compliance with Education Law §2-d, provides the following:
As used in this policy, the following terms are defined:
Student Data means personally identifiable information from the student records of a District student.

Teacher or Principal Data means personally identifiable information from District records relating to the annual professional performance reviews of classroom teachers or Principals that is confidential and not subject to release under the provisions of Education Law §§3012-c and 3012- d.

Third-Party Contractor means any person or entity, other than a District, that receives student data or teacher or Principal data from the District pursuant to a contract or other written agreement for purposes of providing services to the District, including, but not limited to, data management or storage services, conducting studies for or on behalf of the District, or audit or evaluation of publicly funded programs. Such term shall include an educational partnership organization that receives student or teacher or Principal data from a school district to carry out its responsibilities pursuant to Education Law §211-e and is not a District, and a not-for-profit corporation or other nonprofit organization, other than a District.
  1. Neither student data, nor teacher or Principal data will be sold or released for any commercial purpose;
  2. Parents have the right to inspect and review the complete contents of their child's education records. Procedures for reviewing student records can be found in the Board Policy entitled Information Security Breach and Notification;
  3. Security protocols regarding confidentiality of personally identifiable information are currently in place and the safeguards necessary to protect the confidentiality of student data are maintained at industry standards and best practices. The safeguards include, but are not limited to, encryption, firewalls, and password protection. As required by Education Law §2d (5), the National Institute for Standards and Technology Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Version 1.1 (NIST Cybersecurity Framework or NIST CSF) is adopted as the standard for data security and privacy;
  4. New York State maintains a complete list of all student data collected by the State and the data is available for public review at  http://www.p12.nysed.gov/irs/sirs/NYSEDDataElements2018.xlsx, or by writing to the Office of Information & Reporting Services, New York State Education Department, Room 863 EBA, 89 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York 12234;
  5. Parents have the right to have complaints about possible breaches of student data addressed. Complaints should be directed to Dr. Jennifer Avery, Deputy Superintendent and Data Privacy Officer at (607) 286-78715 ext. 3325,  [email protected] or at 1914 County Route 35, Milford, NY 13807. Complaints may be submitted to NYSED at http://www.nysed.gov/data-privacysecurity/report-improper-disclosure, by mail to: Chief Privacy Officer, New York State Education Department, 89 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12234; by email to [email protected]; or by telephone at 518-474- 0937. 
  6. The District will promptly acknowledge receipt of complaints, commence an investigation, and take the necessary precautions to protect personally identifiable information; 
  •  Following its investigation of a submitted complaint, the District shall provide the parent or eligible student with its findings within a reasonable period but no more than 60 calendar days from receipt of the complaint;
  • Where the District requires additional time, or where the response may compromise security or impede a law enforcement investigation, the District shall provide the parent or eligible student with a written explanation that includes the approximate date when the District anticipates that it will respond to the complaint;
  • The District will require complaints to be submitted in writing;
  • The District will maintain a record of all complaints of breaches or unauthorized releases of student data and their disposition in accordance with applicable data retention policies, including the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule LGS-1;
      7. This policy will be regularly updated with supplemental information for each contract the District enters into with a third-party contractor where the third-party contractor receives student data or teacher or Principal data. The supplemental information must be developed by the District and include the following information;

  • the exclusive purposes for which the student data or teacher or Principal data will be used by the third-party contractor, as defined in the contract
  • how the third-party contractor will ensure that the subcontractors,
    or other authorized persons or entities to whom the third-party contractor will disclose the student data or teacher or Principal data, if any, will abide by all applicable data protection and security requirements, including, but not limited to, those outlined in applicable State and federal laws and regulations (e.g., FERPA; Education Law §2-d);
  • the duration of the contract, including the contract’s expiration date and a description of what will happen to the student data or teacher or Principal data upon expiration of the contract or other written agreement (e.g., whether, when and in what format it will be returned to the District, and whether, when and how the data will be destroyed);
  • if and how a parent, student, eligible student, teacher or Principal may challenge the accuracy of the student data or teacher or Principal data that is collected;
  • where the student data or teacher or Principal data will be stored, it will be described in such a manner as to protect data security and the security protections taken to ensure that such data will be protected and data security and privacy risks mitigated; and how the data will be protected using encryption while in motion and at rest will be addressed
8. This policy shall be published on the District’s website. This policy shall also be
included with every contract the District enters with a third party contractor where the third party contractor receives student data or teacher or Principal data.
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