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Public School Works

Public School Works While most companies only sell software, PublicSchoolWORKS delivers
"peace of mind!"

Comprehensive. Compliant. Cost-efficient.

"That's the PublicSchoolWORKS Way!
Keeping up with the new and ever changing regulatory compliance requirements with limited time and resources can be daunting for any district, much less reducing risk to improve school safety and maintain lower insurance costs.

The Safety and Risk Management CoSer is happy to offer PublicSchoolWORKS to help our districts ensure compliance and safety needs are being met.

The award-winning EmployeeSafe Suite includes a comprehensive package of resources and customizable tools to implement, manage, and sustain a comprehensive staff safety and regulatory compliance program.

Designed by veteran school administrators, our complete set-it-and-forget-it programs are designed to be hands-off, eliminating the "knot in the stomach" concerns administrators often feel about whether safety compliance requirements are being met.

Our web-based administrative software tools enable you to take safety to a new level.  Fully automated, managed, and mobile, EmployeeSafe ensures that your safety program is on task, whether you're in your office or away.
What the SRM Service can do to help:

We can provide a presentation to familiarize your district with PublicSchoolWORKS and then act as a liaison between the district and PublicSchoolWORKS to help set up your implementation.

The EmployeeSafe Suite includes:
  • Compliance Task Manager
  • Accident Management
  • Staff Training
  • Online SDS and 24/7 Chemical Safety Hotline
  • Maintenance Requests
  • I.T. Requests
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