Registration Information

Registration Information

New & Returning Student Registration - (NON-NEW VISIONS PROGRAMS)
All new and returning students (excluding New Visions applicants) must be registered using this Google Registration Form. Registration must include a signed copy of the CTE-IP-AE application and any additionally required documents depending on the program selection (see table below).

Please NOTE: Batch submissions for multiple students may be performed, but must be done so according to a specific program.  Please DO NOT submit applications for multiple programs at the same time.

Innovative Programs 
 Crossroads Academy (Alt.Ed.)
  1. CTE-IP-AE Application*
  2. Permanent Transcript*
  3. IEP/504
  4. SSR form for Consultant Teacher Services, if applicable
NOTE: Students should also be registered through the SchoolTool Portal.

  1. CTE-IP-AE Application*
  2. Permanent Transcript*
  3. IEP/504*
  4. SSR form* 
  5. Attendance Record*
  6. Discipline Record*
  7. Achievement/IQ Data*
  8. Permanent Health Record*
  9. Most recent Free/Reduced Lunch Form
  10. BIP

  1. CTE-IP-AE Application*
  2. Alternative Education Application Questionnaire*
  3. Permanent Transcript*
  4. Attendance Record*
  5. Discipline Record*
  6. IEP/504
  7. SSR form for CTS or related services, if applicable
*Required documentation
Note: It is imperative that, when applicable, you indicate IEP or 504 Plan when registering students and provide ONC BOCES with a current copy of IEP or 504 Plan.  

Registration for all regular CTE students opens February 23, 2023.

New Student Registrations (NEW VISIONS PROGRAMS)
Please download either the New Visions Engineering Application (OAOC only) or the New Visions Health Care Professionals Application packets respective to the desired program, attach the student's essay and send to Joan Kinch, keyboard specialist to the Director of Student Programs.

Registration for New Visions Health Care Professions begins February 23, 2023and ends March 10, 2023.

Registration for New Visions Engineering opens February 23, 2023, until enrollment is full.

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