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Water Quality and Testing

test tubes
Legislation and/or Regulation:
There are various water testing requirements for the NYS DEC and NYS Department of Health for both schools on public water supply systems and schools who are considered water supply systems (i.e., have their own wells).

Under the regulations, schools are required to report all lead test results to the state Department of Health via a designated statewide electronic reporting system. If lead levels are detected above 15 parts per billion at any potable water outlet, the school must discontinue use of that outlet, implement a lead remediation plan to mitigate the lead level, and provide building occupants with an adequate alternate supply of water for cooking and drinking. 

Schools must report the exceedance to the local health department within one business day. Exceedances must also be provided in writing to all staff and parents no more than ten business days after receiving the report. Schools must post the results of all lead testing and any remediation plans on its website as soon as possible but no more than six weeks after the school received the laboratory reports. Once test results indicate that lead levels are below the action level, schools may resume use of the water outlet.

Next set of test are required in the year 2020 and every 5 years following

What the SRM Service can do to help:
  • Assist with water testing and Remediation
  • Coordinate recordkeeping and deadlines for water testing.
  • Act as a liaison between the school and the NYS Department of Health.