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New Playground Open at NCOC!

Ms. Trask, NCOC Building Principal; Mr. Sanchez, Director of Special Education Programs; and Mr. Ball, Director of CTE, Adult and Alternative Education were excited to open the new playground at NCOC on Tuesday!

The students counted down for Ms. Trask to take the inaugural trip down the twisty slide!  There are three different slides, a rock wall, monkey bars and bongos for the students to explore and climb.

This project began in late August with the removal of old equipment and then installation of new equipment.  The project safety inspection was approved on Friday, October 23rd and Tuesday was the first time our students were able to use it.  Adjacent to the playground, there are six equipment stations for the older students to use.

All of the students had a great time on the new playground and staff enjoyed watching their excitement!

Ms. Trask, Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Ball
Ms. Trask going down the slide

New playground equipment
New exercise equipment

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