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New Visions Engineering Students Visit Amphenol Aerospace
On Tuesday, December 7, 2021, the New Visions Class of 2022 had the opportunity to visit Amphenol Aerospace in Sidney, New York. The tour of the state-of-the-art facility was a very informative experience to learn about the design and manufacturing of the corporation’s many interconnect products.

The students first received an overview of Amphenol’s history and developments by Richard Barnes, the Engineering Manager. He also showed how the floorplan of the building was designed with efficiency in mind. Following Mr. Barnes’ introduction, the students were led to the test lab, where Ryan Perry, the Senior Test Engineer, explained various evaluations (using temperature, altitude simulations, vibration, etc.) to analyze the durability and safety of Amphenol Aerospace’s products. The manufacturing floor tour was given by Jason Youngs, Senior Manager of Operations, who led the group through the different machinery used to die-cast, mold, impact/extrude, plate and process their connector, fiber optic, and contact products. He also explained the work of the technicians and machinists who keep the orders on schedule. 

Next, a presentation was given by Process Engineer, Ricky Kuehn, who talked about the nature of collaborating with both design engineers and fabrication experts to make a product. The Human Resources Specialist, Meghan Meers, followed with a discussion about the internship and career opportunities that Amphenol Aerospace offers: locally, internationally, and even abroad. Rick Tweedie, the Head of Maintenance, also discussed his job and the responsibilities of keeping the machines and building running smoothly.

Amphenol Aerospace is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products globally. The New Visions Engineering students were grateful to receive a tour of their facility and get a glimpse of the available opportunities to engineers at a successful company in a real-world industry.

New Visions Engineering group photo at Amphenol Aerospace