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APPR & School Librarians

APPR & Student Learning Objectives Information:

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Guidance Document on New York State’s Annual Professional Performance Review 

Page 18:

School librarians and career and technical teachers are teachers in the classroom teaching service and are, therefore, subject to the new law beginning in the
2012-13 school year if they are teachers of record.

Page 22:

B12. When must school librarians be evaluated under Education Law § 3012-c?

Beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, all classroom teachers and building principals must be evaluated under Education Law § 3012-c. “Classroom teacher” is defined as a teacher in the classroom teaching service who is a teacher of record. Librarians who are certified as a library media specialist or school media specialist (library) are teachers in the classroom teaching service. Therefore, if a certified library media specialist or school media specialist (library) is a teacher of record, he/she would be considered a “classroom teacher” and therefore must be evaluated under Education Law § 3012-c.

However, a certified librarian who is not a teacher of record is not a “classroom teacher” and therefore would not need to be evaluated under Education Law § 3012-c

Page 16:

B2. What is a “teacher of record” in 2012-2013 and subsequent years?

For the 2012-2013 school year and subsequent years, teacher of record is defined as those teachers who are primarily and directly responsible for a student’s learning activities that are aligned to the performance measures of a course. Beginning in the 2011-12 school year and school years thereafter, NYSED will collect additional data elements to support teacher of record determinations for evaluation purposes. These data elements will allow for identification of additional teachers of record for a course, if applicable, and will allow for the adjustment of the weighting of a student-learning result on a teacher evaluation (for example, based on partial-course student enrollment or teacher assignment). NYSED will work with its growth/value-added measures provider, the Regents Task Force, and industry-standards groups to determine when and how these additional data will affect the way students, teachers, courses, and assessments are connected for evaluation purposes.

The NYS School Librarian APPR Rubric aligned to alignCharlotte Danielson’s Enhancing Professional Practice.
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