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Free CDL-A Training!
ONC BOCES is offering free CDL-A training to ten CTE graduates. Eligibility Requirements: CTE Graduate at NCOC or OAOC; 21 years of age or older
Winners will be selected randomly.

Otsego Northern Catskills



Management Services

Management Services Offers Programs to Meet the Non-Instructional Needs of our Component Districts

A variety of management services programs provide districts with fiscal and operational options and resources that would otherwise be unattainable individually.  In this manner, districts avoid duplication of services by pooling funds, staffing, and talents.
Programs available to our component and non component districts include: 

For more information about our programs please click on the links above or contact:
Dr. Jennifer Avery, Deputy Superintendent
607-286-7715, Ext. 3325
Meghan Johnston, Office Specialist
607-286-7715, Ext. 3325
Our office assists component districts and staff in facilitating the following Procedures:
Cross Contracts and Additional Service Requests:
Initiating Cross-Contracted Services:
1.  For ONC BOCES Component Districts and Non-Component Districts: Complete a Cross Contract Request Form  as directed. 
     Include description or service title, CO-SER number, and, if appropriate, dates of attendance, performance, exhibit, etc., names
     of person(s) attending or participating and estimate of cost (if known).
2.  Obtain Superintendent signature to authorize/approve expenditure.
3.  For ONC BOCES Component Districts: Submit to Annette Hinkley, Office of Deputy Superintendent, ONC BOCES, for processing via email at [email protected].
4.  For Non-Component Districts: Submit to their local BOCES District Superintendent first to obtain signature, then submit to
     Annette Hinkley, Office of Deputy Superintendent, ONC BOCES, for processing via email at [email protected]
     A copy will be returned when the process is complete.
Note: All paperwork must be submitted for processing prior to receiving the service.
1.  Complete an “Additional Service Request form as directed. Include program name and CO-SER number and estimated cost 
     (if known). If a workshop, the person(s) who are attending must be included.
2.  Obtain Superintendent of School District signature to authorize/approve expenditure.
3.  Submit to ONC BOCES Program Leader of CO-SER service for processing.
4.  CO-SER Program Leader will submit to Patricia Wagner, Business Office, ONC BOCES, for billing via email at 
5.  The charge for this service will be added to your monthly BOCES bill.
Surplus Equipment Sales:

Please submit all forms as outlined below to the Deputy Superintendent’s office in order to sell equipment or vehicles on eBay through our cooperative with the DCMO BOCES Surplus Sale Program:

1.  Request for Surplus Equipment Form Completed and Signed for ONC BOCES Board Approval to Surplus

      üIf selling a vehicle or piece of equipment, please include an estimated reasonable listing price on this form.

2.  DCMO Surplus Questionnaire Forms – General Items or Vehicles Completed

      üAny damage reported on form (Please provide pictures of damage as referenced below)

3.  Picture of General Items

      üFront, Back, Left side, Right side and underneath (if applicable) including any serial #/model number plates attached to equipment

      üPicture of Damaged Sections of Items (if applicable)

4.  Specific Pictures Needed of Vehicles for Sale: 

       üFront, Back, Left side, Right side of Vehicle

       üInside of Vehicle … picture needs to include front and back seat and floorboards


       üInside of trunk

       üUnderneath the vehicle

       üOdometer reading

       üAll Damaged sections of vehicle

       üIf a Truck, the inside of the bed of the truck

       üInclude an estimated reasonable listing price

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