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ONC BOCES is offering free CDL-A training to ten CTE graduates. Eligibility Requirements: CTE Graduate at NCOC or OAOC; 21 years of age or older
Winners will be selected randomly.

Otsego Northern Catskills



ONC Innovative Programs

Innovative Programs

Innovative Programs of the Otsego Northern Catskills BOCES

For information contact: Ashley Amos, Director of Special Education Services, at 607-286-7715, ext. 2103. 

The Otsego Northern Catskills BOCES Innovative Programs department provides special education services to school districts to augment their locally operated programs. In addition, we provide comprehensive programs for exceptional children within integrated school and community settings. The following descriptions provide an overview of the programs and services offered to our school districts. Innovative Programs and services are provided both within the component school buildings and at the BOCES campuses located in Grand Gorge and Milford. Visitations to our Innovative Programs are welcomed and can be arranged by contacting our office. Unless otherwise noted, these services are not eligible for BOCES aid. However, services may be eligible for Special Education high-cost aid.

To submit an application for one of our programs, please use this Registration Information Link.
Please NOTE:  Completing all required forms does not guarantee admittance to our programs.  An intake process must take place.  Please click HERE for more information.

Programs Offered:

Career Pathways 15:1:1
This is a custom designed, multi-year, vocational program for special needs students between the ages of 14 and 21 who are either at risk of dropping out or have been unsuccessful in traditional academic or vocational classes. First and second year students will be actively involved in a variety of career modules that will provide pre-vocational training, critical thinking skills, job training, and other fundamental life skills. Third year students have two career strands to choose from: a) Career Pathways III or b) a Career Tech program. Students who are recommended for CP III, when ready, will enroll in a half-day job training placement in the community. A job coach will provide support and/or supervision as needed and provide job and task analysis prior to student placement in the community.
Note: This is a half-day program which can be combined with another Innovative Program or with home-school district programs.

Therapeutic Learning Center 8:1:1
The Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) is a comprehensive, transitional program linking the family, school district, local mental health providers, related services, and other outside agencies. The TLC helps special needs children who are experiencing severe emotional crises by identifying and addressing related problems at home, at school, and in the community. It also assists students to make a stable transition from hospitalization or other placement to the community and home school district. TLC is an appropriate program for special needs children and adolescents with long-term functional problems who are in crisis and can be stabilized to pre-crisis levels. Program provides services to include students in grades 7-12.

Basic Academic Program 12:1:1
This program provides educational experiences for students in grades 9-12 with moderate learning challenges. Classes are staffed with certified and/or licensed personnel who have been trained in special education strategies and behavior management techniques to support success. The program is supported by crisis specialists. Students participate in High School core academic subjects and in pre-vocational training and live work site experiences through our Career Pathways Program. IEP counseling is available through our Students with Disabilities Counseling Co-Ser.

Trust 8:1:2
This program is a service-intensive model for students in grades K-12 with severe behavioral and/or social/emotional difficulties. It provides a highly structured learning environment and intensive behavior management strategies. Academics are tailored to individual learning abilities and styles, while also following New York State Common-Core Learning Standards. Secondary students ages 14 to 21 will attend classes at an Occupational Center where they may have the option to apply to attend a half-day Career and Technical Education program.  Students are provided intensive IEP counseling and crisis support, as well as related services per their IEP. This program provides a safe, supportive, and accepting space for students with behavioral or emotional needs to explore appropriate socialization and coping skills as they learn and grow.


Behavior Adjustment 8:1:1
This program provides educational experiences for the student with minimal learning problems and moderate behavioral and/or social/emotional difficulties. Elementary, middle and high school students are instructed with appropriate mainstreaming opportunities provided in regular education classes per each student’s IEP. Secondary students ages 14 to 21 will attend classes at an Occupational Center where they may have the option to apply to attend a half-day Career and Technical Education program. Classes are staffed by certified or licensed personnel who have been trained in behavior-management strategies. IEP counseling is available through our Students with Disabilities Counseling Co-Ser.

Extended School Year 8:1:1
 This program is a continuation of the regular BOCES school year program for students who require a Extended School Year month program as determined by the local Committee on Special Education.  Certified instructional staff provide academics, adaptive physical education, and related services as indicated on the student’s IEP.  This is a six-week program offered in July and August.  This service is a pooled tuition service with the rate set by SED.

Registration Information

Ashley Amos, Director of Special Education Services

Joan Kinch, Interim Administrative Assistant

Cassandra Bruno, Billing Clerk - Central Treasurer