Southeast Regional Partnership Center

Southeast Regional Partnership Center

The Regional Partnership Center (RPC) is part of the Office of Special Education (OSE) Educational Partnership; a structure in which a community of practitioners works collaboratively to support students, families, and educational organizations. 
The Southeast RPC includes:

Katie Cannon-

Specially Designed Instruction Specialist

[email protected]

(607) 588-6291 ext 2105 (Office)

Katie Cannon's picture

Colleen Crisell

Systems Change Facilitator

[email protected]

607-738-0534 (Cell)

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Alma Prior

Literacy Specialist

[email protected]

607-743-1478 (cell)

Alma Prior's picture

Valerie Sobers

Transition Specialist

[email protected]

607-335-1340 (Office)

607-434-6462 (Cell)

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Tom Durkot

Behavior Specialist 

[email protected]

607-335-1323 (Office)

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The specialists engage in systems change work, providing a variety of training and technical assistance supports. Our work focuses on improving the infrastructure of educational organizations, so they can successfully implement evidence-based practices and more meaningful engagement with their students and families. 

Some of the trainings we provide (not an exhaustive list):
  1. CSE/CPSE Chairperson's training
  2. Classroom Management
  3. Transition in the IEP
  4. Explicit Instruction
  5. Overview of Specially Designed Instruction
Contact Information:
Jessica Slater: [email protected]
607-588-6291 ext 1223
To view our current regional training opportunities please click: Southeast Regional Partnership Training Calendar

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