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Itinerant & Related Services

Itinerant COSERs

Itinerant Services are a way for our partner school districts to provide necessary student instruction and services they may otherwise struggle to provide. ONC BOCES hires and assigns itinerant teachers of academics, the arts and student support areas, as well as related service providers, to schools that cannot generate a student population sufficient to justify a full-time position. Itinerant teachers and related service providers work with the general education population and with students who have disabilities. Below are the areas where ONC BOCES currently provides Itinerant Services to our partner districts.

Physical Education - CO-SER 301

A shared itinerant physical education teacher is available for kindergarten through grade 12 students. Instructed by a certified, highly qualified physical education teacher, students will perform basic motor and manipulative skills, attain competency in a variety of physical activities and design personal fitness programs.

Adaptive Physical Education for Students with Disabilities - CO-SER 302
This service is for students who are unable to participate in regular physical education classes because of physical, cognitive or severe social/emotional difficulties. Specific activities that promote improved motor and perceptual development are implemented by a physical education teacher in both individual and small group settings.

Foreign Language - CO-SER 304
Services of a highly qualified, certified foreign language teacher are available on an itinerant basis for students in kindergarten through grade 12. The specific language is determined by the participating district. Foreign language currently offered: Spanish

Speech Improvement - CO-SER 305
Therapists deal with a broad range of communication difficulties including, but not limited to, articulation, language delays and auditory processing. These fall into the slight to moderate range of difficulties. This category is generally used for students who do not meet CSE criteria. (See CO-SER 315)

Art - CO-SER 306
Services of a highly qualified, certified art teacher are available on an itinerant basis. Both elementary and secondary levels follow the prescribed kindergarten through grade 12 New York State Art Standards, whereby students will create, perform and participate in the arts. Students will also be instructed in the use of various art materials and resources, respond to and analyze works of art and understand cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts.

Elementary & Secondary Guidance - CO-SER 308
Guidance and counseling is provided to special education and regular education students in districts on a shared basis. Specific duties vary depending upon the need of each district.

Health - CO-SER 309
This service will allow participating districts to meet the health education requirements/credit hours for students' graduation requirements. Highly qualified BOCES teachers will provide students with instruction to have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity and maintain personal health. 

School Psychologists - CO-SER 310
The goal of psychological services is to provide the precise information on a student’s academic and emotional status so that he or she receives the most appropriate education.  Psychologists administer a variety of educational tests to help teachers better understand the learning style of the student. They serve as consultants to teachers and counselors, provide direct counseling to students who are experiencing problems, provide support to parents and serve as a resource to the CSE. 

Speech/Language, Severe - CO-SER 315
This service includes diagnosis, program planning and implementation, as well as consultation. Our speech and language therapists serve students with a wide range of communication problems, including articulation, language, fluency, voice and minor hearing impairments. A child may be referred for evaluation by parents, classroom teachers or other related service providers. This referral is made to the home school's Committee on Special Education. Speech pathologists then administer a number of tests to determine whether a speech or language problem is present. Results are reported to the CSE, along with specific recommendations for therapy and program. With CSE approval, therapy is initiated and Individualized Education Programs are developed within the first few weeks stating the therapeutic treatment. Progress reports are made quarterly to the parents and the Committee on Special Education. 

English As A New Language (ENL) - CO-SER 318
A certified teacher provides direct and indirect instructional support to students who come from a home where a language other than English is spoken. Services are provided in accordance with Part 154 of Commissioner’s Regulations for Pupils with Limited English Proficiency. 

Service for the Visually Impaired - CO-SER 320
Students receive instruction in the adaptive skills needed to complete tasks and assignments. Examples of such skills include braille instruction, listening, orientation and mobility (including concept development and body awareness), accessing computers, slate stylus and improvement of functional vision skills.  The teacher of the visually impaired also provides students with special materials in alternative formats, such as Braille and large print textbooks, and assists the districts in the purchase of necessary equipment. This service is provided on an FTE basis similar to the Itinerant Services CO-SERs.

Service for the Hearing Impaired/Deaf - CO-SER 321
This program serves children with medically diagnosed, physiological hearing problems.  Each student's program is based upon the amount of their residual hearing. Mainstreamed hearing-impaired pupils are encouraged to be as independent as possible in the classroom. Deaf and hearing-impaired students develop competency in the communication modes of speech, speech reading, audition, signing, finger spelling, reading and writing.  Instruction is presented using a total communication approach. The teacher provides direct instruction, consultant services, support to parents as needed and assistance to districts in the purchase of necessary equipment. 

School Social Worker - CO-SER 324

Individual and small Group Counseling are provided to students with the overriding goals of helping them to achieve academic and life-long success.  Specific goals for the student are often determined by the district's Committee on Special Education and reports of progress are forwarded by the Social Worker every ten weeks during the academic year.  Support is provided on both the individual student and district-wide level using a variety of modalities and Trauma Informed practices.

Physical Therapy - CO-SER 328
With approval from the Committee on Special Education and written parental consent, an evaluation is completed by a New York State Licensed Physical Therapist. Results are reported to the Committee on Special Education, along with specific program recommendations. If direct treatment and/or consultation is recommended, New York State law requires a physician’s prescription before services can be implemented. A physical therapist specializes in the development of gross motor skills and implements interventions appropriate to functioning in the school setting. Therapy goals are related to the student’s IEP when working with students with disabilities. 

Occupational Therapy - CO-SER 329
An occupational therapist specializes in the development of fine motor and visual perceptual motor skills and activities of daily living. Therapies are developed by utilizing knowledge based on medical, biological, behavioral and therapeutic principles. The therapy goals are related directly to the student’s individual educational goals as determined by the IEP when working with students with disabilities. 

Summer Driver Education - CO-SER 430
This service provides an instructor of driver education for six weeks during the summer. The time spent in this course will allow students to meet the New York State licensing requirements for class and road time. Districts are responsible for making arrangements for a vehicle, maintenance and all other related expenses. Since instructors are paid based on the number of students registered the first week, districts will be held to these numbers.

Science Enrichment - CO-SER 504
This service provides updated science demonstration lessons in kindergarten through grade 12. Demonstration lessons are provided by an ONC BOCES teacher at the request of the school district's teachers. The teacher schedules time in each participating district for the equivalent of .1 FTE/week. This service is also now available on a per diem rate. 

Assistive Technology - CO-SER 552
Federal and state regulations now mandate that children with disabilities have access to technology services that assist them in education, communication, mobility, independence and control over their environment. This service includes consultation to classroom teachers, as well as direct services to students. Upon conducting a comprehensive assessment of a student’s technology needs, a trained specialist assists in the acquisition of assistive devices, specialized hardware/peripherals and software necessary for appropriate computer access. Assistive Technology support and training will then be provided as needed. Examples of current devices designed to provide assistance to students include, but are not limited to: 

  • Large pressure-sensitive keyboards for students with fine motor disabilities.
  • Specialized software and graphics tablets to assist a preschool or special needs student with cause-and-effect instruction (a prerequisite to successful computer-assisted instruction, and/or life skill training).
  • A variety of single and multiple switch entry devices to accommodate the unique needs of individual students.
  • Assistive Technology provides a variety of services including, but not limited to:

            o Equipment, software and peripheral demonstrations with students and teachers.
            o Training of staff on appropriate use of technology (emphasis will be on utilizing what the district already has).
            o Work with CSE to locate funding for adaptive equipment and technology.
            o Student technology screening.

Collaboration with other support personnel (OT/PT, Speech/ Language) to maximize services and treatment.

For more information on Itinerant Services contact:

Kimberlea Curran
Supervisor of Itinerant Services
607-286-7715 ext. 2608

Jolene Thompson
Keyboard Specialist for Itinerant Services
607-286-7715 ext. 2701


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