Technology Services

Technology Services Offerings

Technology services provides support for instructional technology through planning, purchasing, installation, and technical support. Installment purchasing is also a key element of this program.

Subscription is through a base fee, and technical support is offered for full or half days. Three tiers of technology support are available to districts.

Participation in Co-Sers 524/527 is required in order to participate in this Co-Ser.

Technology Support for Districts

Purchasing and level of support requires participating in the base for this Co-Ser and the base for Co-Ser 524/527. Support is offered at full or half days.

Desktop Support
This support level provides assistance in the installation, configuration, and maintenance of all desktop technology, including workstations, printers, scanners and other peripherals.

Microcomputer Specialist
In addition to providing desktop support, this level provides systems-level support, including supporting servers, network equipment, account management, and backups.

Communication Specialist
In addition to providing desktop and microcomputer specialist support, this level provides support for in-house network management, wireless and server infrastructure.

Network Administrator
This position provides a higher level of support for in-house network management, wireless and server infrastructure. This position also offers guidance and leadership with technology planning, coordination and support.

Technology Purchasing

Straight Purchases
Schools participating in the Instructional Technology Co-Ser may purchase approved technology equipment through ONC BOCES and receive BOCES aid on their purchases. ONC BOCES also participates in several different bids, including the New York State Instructional Technology Consortium, which allows us to obtain lower pricing as a result of volume purchasing. Purchasing is handled by ONC BOCES on behalf of the district.

Installment Purchase Agreements
Participating school districts also have the option of purchasing equipment through an installment purchase agreement (IPA) arranged by ONC BOCES. IPA’s are loans with terms of 2-5 years and school districts receive BOCES aid on IPA payments. This purchase option allows school districts to replace more equipment at a lower initial cost to the district. In subsequent years, the aid received on the IPA payments may offset some of the cost of the IPA’s yearly payments.

Other Technology Service Offerings

Website Services
ONC BOCES works with several vendors to provide website design and hosting services. When this service is purchased through ONC BOCES, school districts will receive BOCES aid on the purchase.

Disaster Recovery and Backup System
ONC BOCES provides a comprehensive disaster recovery and backup system to participating districts. This system includes hard-disk based backup and features recovery and restoration capabilities. This system requires minimal user intervention which reduces time-consuming backup supervision and human error factors. This solution also satisfies state auditors’ requirements for off-site school disaster recovery/backup. Each school district has a Data Protection Unit (DPU) server. This DPU backs up the district’s servers daily. Each district DPU sends their backups to the ONC BOCES Data Protection Vault nightly via a high-bandwidth, secure connection.

Mobile Device Management
This service allows for the remote management of school-owned mobile devices, including pushing apps to devices, remote unlock and other management services. It is compatible with most operating systems and devices.  

Digital Signage
ONC BOCES offers a cloud-based digital signage system for your school. We have a digital signage system through Rise Vision that allows for customized content. Districts are required to purchase the hardware needed and will be provided with support and setup services from the Digital Signage Coordinator at ONC BOCES.

Technology Consultant Services
Services include category 2 Erate application and application planning, Smart Schools Bond planning/application preparation and the NY Safe Schools Act.
Consultation services are designed to utilize all available funding to its maximum efficiency for our districts.

IT Risk Assessment 
ONC BOCES Technology Services has partnered with Dox Electronics to offer a new IT Risk Assessment Service. This service provides insight into the network environment from a security and technological perspective. There are three areas available for this assessment: Information Security Assessment, IT Governance Controls and Policy Assessment and Data Loss Detection Assessment. For additional information on this service, please click here.

IT Policy Review 
ONC BOCES Technology Services has partnered with Dox Electronics to offer a new IT Policy Review Service to analyze the current IT policies and plans that are in place for their data protection (known or written). We will help create customized Policies and procedures to implement according to best practices for proper data protection. Appropriate NIST (National Institutes of Standards and Technology) will be used as controls to set policies. If a policy or plan does not exist, we will help create that with the client.standards.

Contact Information

Genevieve Ballard
Network Administrator
Office: 607-286-7715 x 2402
Technology Services
Program Service Leader at ONC BOCES
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