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Otsego Northern Catskills



Student Programs

Student Programs

Innovation in Education

Otsego Northern Catskills Board of Cooperative Educational Services is based in the Upper Susquehanna River Valley and the Northern Catskills.
ONC BOCES strives to provide adult and continuing education, as well as host and support a variety of other programming at its two main occupational centers in Milford and Grand Gorge, as well as within its 19 component school districts.

ONC BOCES is anchored by campuses in Milford and Grand Gorge, which provide parallel programming to the 1660-square-mile area, as well as unique offerings to component district and beyond.
People are the core of Otsego Northern Catskills BOCES. ONC BOCES administrators,  program managers and faculty are experts in their fields who build effective partnerships with component school districts. ONC BOCES focuses on ways to both lead and support our  component school staff, students and communities.

Our partnerships with school districts and our communities help us provide the best possible education for learners of all ages and abilities.