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Otsego Northern Catskills





Instructor: Nils Anderson

ONC BOCES has launched the Robotics/Mechatronics program to help meet a growing need for specialized skilled labor.

Robotics deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. Mechatronics is a technology that combines electronics and mechanical engineering. Robotics/Mechatronics at ONC BOCES will be an interdisciplinary program focused on mechanics, electronics, motor control systems, and automation, which drive the design, operation and maintenance of all modern complex machinery.

This comprehensive program has direct implications for the regional economy, as several area manufacturing firms and food-production facilities rely on mechatronics, but sometimes struggle to fill positions. The new program is intended to help plug the middle skills gap and launch our students on a rewarding career path.

‘‘Robotics/Mechatronics will provide students with the necessary information and skills sets to enter the emerging field of advanced manufacturing,’’ ONC BOCES Superintendent Nicholas Savin said. ‘‘SUNY Delhi has recognized the employment need for this emerging field and has developed 2 and 4-year programs to prepare students for this work. Problem solving, mechanical and electrical design, automation and computer systems/logic represent areas of study. Broome Community College has also recognized the need in this emerging field and has begun to develop a degree program as well to help meet the skilled employment needs for this industry.’’
The Robotics/Mechatronics program offered at the high school level at ONC BOCES, will allow for students to achieve a level of experience that will enable them to enter the workforce after graduation or position them to excel in a related course of study at a higher educational institution. ONC BOCES offers career counseling to all students.

Stay tuned for more details about this exciting new program as it is developed.

"I am very excited about Robotics/Mechatronics at ONC BOCES. I look across our region, and we’ve got companies in every direction that are going to be very excited about this. You are talking about any number of advanced manufacturing firms that are going to get access to these trained, motivated and dedicated students, and this is just the existing companies, then you think about the possibility of new companies who know they can get access to, right here, trained individuals."
- U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson