The Junction Database Instructions

The Junction Database Instructions

  1. Type http://coursesonline.e2ccb.org/login  in your internet browser
  2. The username is: distance
    The password is: distance
    Select “Login”
  3. You can filter the courses by:
    1. BOCES 
    2. Endpoints
    3. District
    4. Site
    5. Semester
    6. Course Name
    7. Start time range
    8. Time Slot
  4. To find ONC BOCES courses:
    1. Select “ONC BOCES” from the drop down list for the “Viewing By BOCES” tab
    2. Once “ONC BOCES” is selected, you have to select the “Viewing By BOCES” tab to filter the list
    3. You need to select “Only Show Actives” to show  the currently active courses
  5. To find courses hosted and received by your district:
    1. On the “View By District” drop down list, select your district.
    2. Once your district is selected, you have to select the “View By District” tab to filter the list.
    3. If you do not see a course listed, it’s possible there are more than three receive sites on the schedule. If this is the case, I add the additional sites in the comments section of the course itself. You can check the course by following the instructions for listing all courses for ONC BOCES (#4). Find the course then click on the course title to show details. Your district should be listed in the comments section.
  6. To review course details:
    1. Follow instruction on #5
    2. In the list of courses, click on the course name.
  7. You can also filter courses by the endpoints or rooms that you have.

Additional Tips:

  • Remember to select “Only show actives” when searching for courses.
  • Once you are finished with a view, you need to select “View All (Reset View)” to clear the filter.

Please let me know if you have questions or find any information that is not accurate. This is a great tool for finding additional information for each course.  If you are interested in a course(s) offered by another region, please let me know. I will check on availability.

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