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Join the Flat Stanley Adventure Across New York State!

In a world where virtual experiences are becoming increasingly valuable, the ONC BOCES Distance Learning Program is excited to announce the return of its popular Flat Stanley project. This unique initiative, based on the 1964 book by Jeff Brown, invites students in first through fourth grades to participate in a virtual adventure that spans across New York State.

Last year, over 800 students joined the adventure, and this year, the program is set to be even bigger and better. Registration is now open until April 19 for school districts participating in the NYS Distance Learning BOCES Service.

How It Works:
Students begin by reading the classic tale of Flat Stanley's adventures. They then create their own Flat Stanley using a provided template. Next, students compose questions they would like answered about the region Flat Stanley will be visiting.  Flat Stanley and his accompanying questions are then mailed to a partner classroom in a different part of the state. Once received, students take their new flat friend on various adventures near their school and community, documenting Stanley's journey with pictures and videos.
At the conclusion of each journey, partner schools will engage in a videoconference to meet one another, discuss their hometowns, and share their experiences with their flat friends.

Key Skills Developed:
The Flat Stanley project is not just about fun; it also helps students develop critical skills such as reading, writing, listening, critical thinking, following directions, and public speaking.

The ONC BOCES Distance Learning Program has been a pioneer in providing quality educational experiences to students across New York State. Through initiatives like the Flat Stanley project, ONC BOCES continues to enrich the learning experiences of students and educators alike.
For more information and to register, visit www.oncboces.org/DistanceLearning.aspx or contact [email protected]

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