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New Visions Engineering Students Tour Syracuse University

Students and teacher at Syracuse UniversityOn October 12, 2022, the New Visions Engineering (NVE) Class of 2023 from ONC BOCES visited Syracuse University.  Upon arrival, they were greeted by Tour Guide Jonathan Hernandez, and Mr. Jonathan J. Hoster Undergraduate Recruitment Specialist, who shared the day’s agenda with the enthusiastic high school seniors.  First, Jonathan Hernandez took the class on a tour, showing them many of the facilities available to Syracuse University students, such as the IT Services in the Center for Science and Technology; the Schine Student Center and its Office for Student Activities; the Hall of Languages (which was the inspiration for the Addams Family House); the Newhouse School of Public Communications and its newspaper, The Daily Orange; as well as CitrusTV.  The tour continued with information on the various types of classes taught within Maxwell Hall.  At the JMA Wireless Dome the class participated in the famous Dome Stomp and then went over to the Barnes Center at the Arch to explore more about the opportunities for college sports, including the athletic facilities there.  

    After the campus tour concluded, the class met up at Link Hall to meet Mr. Hoster before moving to the engineering portion of the tour.  At this time, the class was introduced to NVE Alumni Ryan Mussaw (NVE20) who accompanied the class to The Center for Science and Technology, where the class had the opportunity to see the Tara Mehta Computer Classroom.  Here the class learned about the Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering programs, including what students enrolled in those programs learn, and could also see one of the student computer labs.  The class also learned more about Aerospace Engineering, and Mr. Hoster treated the students to sit in the Flight Simulator.  Additionally, the class also stopped in the Civil Engineering Department to learn about what goes on there and were shown the various pieces of equipment.  The 3D printing lab was next on the tour, with works of 3D printed art on display, including some parting gifts for the NVE students.  And then the class was excited to see the Baja team’s car before leaving for lunch.

 After having lunch, the class moved on to the final portion of the tour, the JMA Wireless Dome, including an inside look at how the dome is transitioned for events, such as Monster Jam, basketball games, football games, concerts, and more!  The students were fortunate to be met by another NVE alum, Derek Lyon (NVE19), who joined them on the tour around the JMA Wireless Dome.  The students had the unique opportunity to see the visitor’s locker room and even had a group photo taken under the giant jumbotron on the field.
The New Visions Engineering Class of 2023 is truly grateful for the opportunity to have met the dedicated staff and students of Syracuse University and thank them for an educational tour of campus, including answers to the many questions from the NVE students as to the many possibilities that Syracuse University has to offer.  
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