Contact Information

Executive Director - Central Business Office

Job Duties: Budgeting, State Aid, Board of Education Reports, Property Tax and STAR Reporting, Director of Central Business Office.
Thomas Murphy, SDBL (607) 588-6291 Extension 2136

School Business Executive

Job Duties: Supervision of CBO Staff, CBO Budgeting, State Aid, Financial Analysis, Fund Reconciliation, Review of Financial Records, and Coordinator of Year-End Audits.

Heather Gockel, (607) 588-6291 Extension 2189


Job Duties: Budgeting, State Aid Reconciliation and Reporting, Financial Analysis, Fund Reconciliation, Review of Financial Records, Board of Education Reports, Claims Auditing, and Coordinators of Year-End Audits.

Adam Baldanza, (607) 588-6291 Extension 2160
Jason Dent, (607) 588-6291 Extension 2193
Karen Speenburgh, (607) 588-6291 Extension 2191 

Senior Account Clerks

Job Duties: Cash and Investments, Federal Projects, Debt Service, Wage Reconciliation, Cafeteria Reconciliation, Tuition Billing, Capital Fund, Student Activity Accounting, Payroll, and Accounts Payable.

Gena Swantak, (607) 588-6291 Extension 2195

Katie Leggio, (607) 588-6291 Extension 2194

Account Clerks

Job Duties: Accounts Payable, Payroll, Claims Auditing, and Medicaid Billing

MacKenzie Swantak, (607) 588-6291 Extension 2190
Chezney Chichester, (607) 588-6291 Extension 2186
Sinzia Reese, (607) 588-6291 Extension 2152

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