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Free CDL-A Training!
ONC BOCES is offering free CDL-A training to ten CTE graduates. Eligibility Requirements: CTE Graduate at NCOC or OAOC; 21 years of age or older
Winners will be selected randomly.

Otsego Northern Catskills



How PBIS Works at OAOC

How PBIS Works at OAOC

The Structure

Staff . . .
  • Make sure there is a School-Wide Expectation Chart in your classroom.
  • Reinforce the school wide expectations in your classroom.
  • Recognize students for positive behavior through verbal reinforcements.
  • Acknowledge positive behavior with tickets when giving verbal reinforcements
  • Participate in 10 – 15 minute school-wide PBIS lessons
  • Allow students to participate in mid- and end of school year celebrations.
  • Allow students to participate in Social Club at lunch time.

PBIS Team . . .

  • Analyze current data
  • Increase levels of school wide or universal implementation
  • Target secondary and tertiary group with individual interventions (Social Club, Mentoring)
  • Target tertiary group with Why Try Program.
  • Attend the child study team to monitor student behavior.
  • Plan the mid- and end of the year celebrations

Students . . .

  • Follow School-Wide Expectations and be rewarded
  • Carry your PBIS pocket card with you to reveal and win prizes.
  • Be able to recite the PBIS expectations and win prizes.
  • Place tickets given by staff to you in buckets in the Main Office
  • Watch for your name on the PBIS web page to see if you are a weekly winner.
  • Attend Social Club (optional)
  • Attend the Why Try program.
  • Become part of OAOC’s mentoring program.
  • Stay referral free to participate in monthly PBIS sports activities
  • Stay referral free to participate in mid-year ice-cream social.
  • Participate in the end-of-year celebration.