Open House

Please see below for Program Presentations

ONC BOCES offers the following Career and Technical Education Programs:

Automotive Service Technician: 
Auto NCOC (Grand Gorge)
Auto OAOC (Milford) 

Building Trades OAOC (Milford): Presentation

Cosmetology NCOC (Grand Gorge): Presentation
Cosmetology OAOC (Milford)

Culinary Arts: 
Culinary NCOC (Grand Gorge): Presentation
Culinary OAOC (Milford): Presentation

Equipment Operation and Repair NCOC (Grand Gorge): Presentation

Health Occupations: Presentation

Information Technologies

Mechatronics: Presentation

Natural Resources Occupations

New Visions Engineering: Presentation

Visual Arts Communication & Technology: 
VisCom NCOC (Grand Gorge): Presentation
VisCom OAOC (Milford)

Welding and Metal Fabrication: 
Welding NCOC (Grand Gorge): Presentation
Welding OAOC (Milford)

Alternative Education: 
Alternative Ed. NCOC (Grand Gorge) 
Alternative Ed. OAOC (Milford)

Innovative Programs:
IP NCOC (Grand Gorge)

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