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Trainings / Workshops and Meetings


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Required by Federal and  State Laws for all employees

Right-to-Know, Hazard Communication, Blood-borne Pathogens 
Everyone must complete this training every year. If you are unable to attend your district's scheduled training, please attend at another district or contact our office for further information.
  • On-Line training is available through the Public School Works® program offered through the Safety Risk CoSer.
    For further details on purchasing this service, contact our office.
  • Right-To-Know Law (Article 48, Section 4800 et sequ Public Health Law & Article 28, Section 875 et sequ of Labor Law).
  • Blood borne Pathogens Standard (OSHA Final Rule of 12/06/91- 29 CFR 1910.1030 enforced by NYS DOL).
  • Emergency Response Updates (Education Law 2801-a: School Safety Plains, Law 807(1-a), (b): Fire and Emergency Drills).
  • Employee Fire Safety Education (Section F406 of the New York State Fire Code)

Remember to schedule all required new custodial training for the new school year by contacting our office.
  • Confined Space
  • Lock Out - Tag Out
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • 2-Hour Asbestos 



Tabletop exercises are discussion-based sessions where team members meet in an informal, classroom setting to discuss their roles during an emergency and their responses to a particular emergency situation. A facilitator guides participants through a discussion of one or more scenarios.
 Five Key Benefits from Conducting Tabletop trainings are:
1.  Tabletop  Exercises increase critical thinking under near real circumstances.
2.  Tabletop Exercises  uncover issues before they happen for real.
3.  They bring together the right people to coordinate decision making.
4.  They establish clear preparedness objectives and work to acheive them. 
5.  They provide thoughtful and objective evaluation to stengthen crisis preparedness. 
 Tabletop training examples:
  • Bullying
  • Violence
  • Security 
  • Mental Health
  • Threat
  • Reunification
  • and many more!

Let us at Safety and Risk Management help you to be prepared. We can provide you with Tabletop Exercises added to an existing training or we can provide you with a training solely based on these Tabletop Exercises, the decision is yours.

Please see our flyer at the link below.


Tabletop Series Training Flyer