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Recruitment Service - Component School Districts

 Recruitment Services
Cooperative Personnel Recruitment is a service available to all component school districts in the ONC BOCES region. This shared service assists schools in recruiting personnel including administrators, teachers and support personnel. There are two components of this service available:

Level I provides substantially reduced rates for advertising, coordination and distribution of candidate information, attendance at recruitment fairs, liaison activities with colleges and universities, and development of strategies to attract applicants to the region.

Level II of this service includes access to the OLAS (On-Line Application System for Educators):  This system is designed for educators matching candidate strengths with school district needs.  Currently, there are over 235 districts utilizing OLAS for recruiting.

 OLAS Online Application

 On-line Application System for Educators Logo


OLAS has added several new features to further support recruitment efforts. OLAS will also be adding more in the near future. The new features include:
  • Availability of expanded Excel spreadsheet showing a snapshot view of the candidates’ information that can be saved or printed and used for sorting purposes.
  • Ability to find applicants more easily under a particular posting.
  • Ability to search by years and type of administrative experience.
  • Ability to search by teaching experience using multiple grade ranges.
  • Ability to click and print application, resume and cover letter for one person.
  • Ability to check-off 15 applicants at one time instead of one by one.
  • Ability for candidates to upload a job specific writing sample.
  • Ability to search by National Board Certification.
  • Ability to search by those applicants that uploaded job specific cover letters.
If you are seeking a job in a school district in New York State, do what successful applicants have done, use OLAS.  Participating New York State Districts have committed to using this system as their primary source for filling vacancies.

Benefits to Applicants
  • Free to applicants.
  • Can view and apply to current vacancies.
  • Can apply to additional vacancies as they become available.
  • Application can be updated at any time.
  • Instant e-mail confirmation.
  • Candidate application history report available.
  • Application remains active for one year.
  • Application can be viewed by all districts or can exclude a specific district.
  • Applicant Wizard.
Technology Features
  • Internet-based application form accessible from any computer with Internet access.
  • Applicants use unique username and password to allow for easy editing and updating of each individual application.
Additional Features
  • Application includes resume and cover letter as formatted by applicant.
  • Cover letters can be tailored to specific jobs.
  • Site provides maps of New York State regions and school district locations.
  • Vacancies updated daily.
  • Website provides hot links to school district sites, NYS Department of Education, professional education organizations, college placement offices and more.
  • Veri-sign secure site.

The Board of Cooperative Educational Services of the Sole Supervisory District of Otsego, Delaware, Schoharie and Greene Counties does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, genetic disposition or age in the educational programs or activities which it operates, including, but not limited to, access to facilities in accordance with the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act of 2001, 20 U.S.C. 7905, which requires equal access for the Boy Scouts of America and other designated youth groups to meet at public schools.


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