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Free CDL-A Training!
ONC BOCES is offering free CDL-A training to ten CTE graduates. Eligibility Requirements: CTE Graduate at NCOC or OAOC; 21 years of age or older
Winners will be selected randomly.

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Board of Education

ONC BOCES Board of Education Members and District Superintendent pictured

ONC BOCES is governed by a board of education. Our board of education is composed of nine representatives from our 19 component school districts. Each board member serves for three years.
Members are elected by component school board members. BOCES board members do not need to be local school board members, but they must be eligible voters in component school districts of ONC BOCES.
Election to BOCES boards occurs at an annual BOCES meeting, which by law is held in April.
The duties and powers of BOCES boards, as specified in 1950 of the Education Law of the State of New York, include the following:
  • Appointment of a district superintendent, subject to approval of the commissioner of education;
  • Provision of cooperative educational services with the commissioner's approval and on a contract basis-to component school districts;
  • Needs assessment and long-range planning for cooperative educational services in the supervisory district;
  • Employment of teachers and other support personnel to carry out BOCES programs;
  • Preparation of an adjustable budget for the supervisory district program and its administration;
  • Administration of payments for and costs of provided educational services;
  • Borrowing of money in anticipation of revenue due;
  • Entering into contracts with a variety of public agencies as well as non-public schools in order to arrange or provide services under specified conditions;
  • Renting, purchasing, or selling of property or facilities under specified conditions;
  • Making reports to the commissioner of education as required.