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Otsego Northern Catskills



Otsego Area School of Practical Nursing Philosophy and Mission Statement

Otsego Area School of Practical Nursing Philosophy

The Otsego Area School of Practical Nursing believes that the practical nurse is an integral member of the health care team, who demonstrates the ability "to perform tasks of responsibilities within the frame-work of case-finding, health teaching, health counseling, and provision of supportive and restorative care under the provision of a registered professional nurse or licensed or otherwise legally authorized physician or dentist."

We believe the education of practical nurses can successfully be accomplished in different ways and at differing speeds. We believe the emphasis must be on what is learned as evidenced by performance. We further believe the education should allow for upward or horizontal mobility according to the individual's capacity.

We believe in the value of each individual: students, faculty and the patients they care for. Each student should have the right to pursue a career in nursing without regard to race, color, sex, creed or economic status, providing that it is compatible to the welfare and safety of that individual, and those individuals for whom they will be responsible. Nursing is CARING.

Mission Statement

Provide high quality instruction so that all graduates will be prepared to pass the licensure exam and be responsible, accountable, and informed contributors to the health care community.